10 Last-Minute Tasks to do Before Your Lake District Wedding

Heading into the final month of wedding planning? Most of the big tasks will be out of the way but it can now feel like there’s a million small things still to do, and it’s hard to know where and when to start. The time pressure can make this final part of the planning process the most stressful, but worry not, because with a little help you can ward off the last-minute panic and focus on the excitement of getting married! Here are 10 last-minute tasks to keep on top of before your Lake District wedding:

Create a day-of itinerary

last minute lake district wedding itinerary

One of the most important tasks you should work on is organising a wedding day timeline, a list of what should be happening and when. Having a schedule for you and your attendants will help you stay on track, and allow you to adapt to any minor mishaps or timing issues. Even if all of your guests are reliable and punctual, it can only take one little hitch to throw everything off, but a day-of itinerary where everyone knows where to be and when – with a few extra minutes pencilled in for safe measure – should mean smooth sailing on the day.

Check in with your vendors

last minute lake district wedding vendors

Confirm your arrangements with vendors as the wedding day draws near – that means making sure everyone is fully up to speed with the location, arrival times, directions, setup and take-down. Also double check any requests you might have, such as dietary requirements for catering, table design, song requests, or shot lists for photographers. Make sure you have a go-to person for the day itself. This could be the maid of honour, the best man, or even a particularly reliable member of your family. Then make sure that your vendors know who they are and have their contact information – this can make rounding up people for photographs much easier, for example.

Finalise your guest count

last minute lake district wedding guest list

With three to four weeks to go until the big day you should start to finalise your guest count so you can really nail down your seat plan and help with arrangements for transport and accommodation for those that are attending. This means around a month before the wedding you should be reaching out to those who have been slow to RSVP to get a definitive answer. Even if they can’t come it’s still a good way to touch base and helps you move on to other tasks.

Sort transportation for you and your guests

last minute lake district wedding transport

Organising your arrival to the wedding is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. Whether you’re arriving in a classic car, limo, horse-drawn carriage, it’s probably something you’ve been thinking about for as long as you can remember. Don’t forget about your guests though, and don’t forget about your departure. Make sure there’s a plan in place for you and your guests to get home after the celebrations. Check in with your driver as well in the lead up to the big day –  if you want to drive down a specific route, make sure they’re fully clued-in, and make sure to get their mobile number in case you change your exit time or leave something in the car.

One final dress fitting

last minute lake district wedding dress fitting

Schedule your final dress fitting in the week before your wedding – a final dress rehearsal with about five or six days before the big day is a good idea – so any last-minute alterations can be made and you can pick up your gown in ready-to-wear condition. It’s a common saying that the bride loses five pounds before the wedding but this actually does happen more often than you’d think, so make sure that your dress will fit absolutely perfectly when you walk down the aisle.

Have an outfit run-through – and break in your wedding shoes

last minute lake district wedding shoes

As well as a final dress fitting, you should also have a full outfit run-through, including all of the accessories you plan on wearing and any shapewear so you can get a full feel of what works and what doesn’t, as well as comfort levels. You should also advise your bridal party members, groom and groomsmen to do the same, trying their outfits in full after picking them up from the seamstress or tailor. Finally, make sure to break in your wedding shoes! You want to glide down the aisle, not hobble in discomfort, and you’ll be wearing them long into the night at your reception as well, so get your heels comfortable and safe to walk in so you can last as long as possible. You should also pack a back-up pair of flats so you’ve got something to fall back on by the end of the night.

Pack your day-of essentials, and an emergency bridal kit

last minute lake district wedding essentials

Pack-up your wedding-day essentials a few days early to spare yourself any last minute panic, or worse, the agony of not having what you need on the day itself. This means makeup, hair products, shapewear, accessories or anything else you might need to get ready, it will really help make the day go smoothly. You should also prepare an emergency day kit, full of all the little things you might need in the event of any mishaps. This could be wine-spot remover, sewing needles and thread, breath mints, tissues, paracetamol, face wipes, extra earring backs, mini deodorant – accidents happen all the time, so having a mini kit on hand to deal with them is a godsend, even if it’s just for giving you peace of mind.

Pack for your honeymoon

last minute lake district wedding honeymoon

Your wedding is such a big event that it can be tough to see beyond it when it comes to planning, especially as it draws closer, but don’t forget to prepare for your honeymoon in plenty of time, too. After the excitement of your wedding, the very last thing you’ll want to do is get home and pack for your post-wedding holiday. These last minute details are all about alleviating stress as much as possible – you’ll know from experience that holiday preparation can be stressful under ordinary circumstances, never mind after a wedding, so give yourself enough time to get the details of your first trip together as a married couple just right. Most importantly of all – don’t forget your passport!

Plan when you’re going to eat

last minute lake district wedding food

Weddings are long. Make sure you don’t go through the day on an empty stomach, and make sure your guests don’t get hangry. Aside from the food at the reception, plan what you’ll eat and drink through the day – preorder breakfast, have some (non messy) snacks when you’re getting ready, and if there’s a big gap between the ceremony and the reception (like, more than an hour) have something on hand for guests to nibble on as well.

Take time to relax

last minute lake district wedding relax

After putting in so much effort into making your wedding day as perfect as you’ve always imagined, make sure to take some time to relax. Carve out some quality time with your friends and take a break from appointments and planning, without focusing on wedding stuff. Let your mind relax and book a massage or spa day. Plan a day of normality with your partner, whether it’s a day-trip to the countryside or the beach, or even just lounging on the couch. Make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before as well – as hard as that sounds! Wind down early, so you can calm down and ward off too much z-sapping adrenaline.

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