Alternate Wedding Dresses

We’ve seen a lot of different styles in our time hosting weddings. They’re often a very bright, visual representation of the couple’s combined personality. More often than not, our guests want traditional styling with the real essence of personality gently woven into the detailing, but other times we meet couples who want something entirely unique and inspiring.

A large part of the bride’s personality, especially, comes from the wedding dress. Something so iconic and important needs to be perfect. Every inch of it needs to be you, and sometimes traditional just won’t do.

If you’re looking for inspiration, there’s some great websites that cater for alternate wedding gowns in all different colours and styles. Just one example is here, where the dresses are customised entirely – colour, material, styling, fitting and measurements, all designed and tailored around you. It’s a great place to start getting inspiration for your wedding, even if you’re not looking for completely custom-made dresses. It’s a great idea to take a look at unique colours and styles even if you’re going traditional – those details can really come to life with a bit of extra individuality!

It’s also worth taking note of your surroundings. Our barn and farmhouse are surrounded by natural beauty and rural wonder. Blending your colour choices, designs and details with the scenic countryside that the wedding is set in is a great way to bring every aspect of the day together, bringing everything to life with a natural flow and feel.

Take a look at our images, weddings page and earlier blog posts for more details on what we can do too – our service is all about you and your big day.

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