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 Following our last blog post on oriental inspired weddings, this article will focus on how to follow an Indian theme. Traditional Indian weddings are incredibly lavish, incorporating bright colours, beautiful flowers and filigree into every aspect of the day. You can still follow a typically western ceremony and vows whilst incorporating this exotic culture. For some great inspiration, watch some Bollywood films!

 Below are some ideas for the perfect Indian themed wedding and reception.

Bridal wear

Don’t be afraid to wear an Indian sari instead of a Indian bridetraditional white gown;  saris are incredibly elegant and look luxurious with gold embellishments and embroidery. Indian brides tend to choose shades of red or hot pink, but you could choose a white sari if you want to incorporate your own traditions. Your bridesmaids should also wear saris, different colours for each one create a beautiful rainbow for the photos! There are loads of sari retailers online, and instructional videos of how to tie them correctly can be found on YouTube.

Indian brides often wear a huge amount of gold jewellery on their wedding day – you may want to just wear a few gold pieces if this doesn’t suit your taste. For something different, try an ankle bracelet or toe ring! Ear cuffs also look really unique.

Make up is very important for Indian brides. Dramatic eye shadow in a colour that compliments your sari is a rule that most Indian women follow. Lips are usually red, brown or maroon shades, but if you choose a dramatic eye shade you may want to tone down your lips to avoid overkill.

Henna designs on hands and feet also look really authentic. You can hire a professional for really intricate designs, or for a more personal touch, have a member of the bridal party do it for you. Be aware that henna stains skin for at least a week, so give it a miss if you don’t want patterned hands for all of your honeymoon!

Henna hands

Finally, a decorative bindi placed on the forehead will complete your wedding look. Eyelash glue is a great adhesive for this, be sure to carry it with you in case it comes unstuck!


Traditional Indian ceremonies are Hindu, so you may want to stick with vows that suit your religious/cultural background. However, some traditions can be easily incorporated in the ceremony, such as they exchanging of flower garlands between the bride and groom. This is called The Jaimala and is a symbol of a bride and groom’s promise to accept and respect one another.

DecorationIndian place setting

Indian theme allows for truly lavish, extravagant decorations. Flowers are a huge part of Indian culture, especially marigolds, roses and lotus flowers. Have flower arrangements dotted everywhere to transform your venue into an exotic, fragrant Indian paradise!

Elephants are also commonly used in Indian decoration and represent good luck and fortune. Small gold elephant figurines, candleholders and flowerpots can be found cheaply online for table settings and centrepieces.

Additionally, diya lamps are great to include, you can make them yourself out of clay or purchase brass versions online. They give a lovely subtle glow, so have them dotted about everywhere and turn the lights down to create a romantic, twinkly ambience.

You can transform boring chairs with colourful covers, silk ribbons and decorative embroidered throw cushions. Also, adorn the walls with vibrant artworks, jazzy chiffon scarfs and bejewelled mirrors for a really festive look.


IIndian Food ndian food is extremely varied so you should be able to arrange a menu that will suit everyone’s tastes. Spices are a fundamental part of Indian cooking, with dishes ranging from mild to very spicy!

Hire an Indian caterer and ask to have a tasting session so you can determine the spiciness of each dish, and remember to include an incredibly mild option for children (or adults that hate spice)!

Sweet and creamy desserts are favoured to cool down the palette after spicy main courses, normally sweetened yoghurts, fruits and deep fried pastries.


Watch any Bollywood film and you will see how amazing Indian performance theatre is! Consider hiring an authentic Indian band complete with sitar and tabla drums. To accompany, a troupe of Indian dancers is really entertaining! Energetic choreography, colourful costumes and catchy filmi dance music are sure to get your guests up and dancing to!Indian puppets

For younger guests, put on a puppet theatre with authentic Indian wooden puppets! You could hire a professional to perform this, or get the children to create their own story and control the puppets themselves.

Finally, put on a fireworks display for an explosive end to your amazing wedding day!


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