Bridesmaid Dresses

green-wedding-bridesmaid-dressesOrganising a wedding is super stressful at the best of times. Finding bridesmaids dresses that all your chosen bridesmaids will love is especially difficult. Sometimes, though, it’s easier to do it the old fashioned way.

Originally, the traditional way to organise dresses for bridesmaids was to find a piece of material that you loved and give the individual bridesmaids a piece each, so they could get their dresses made themselves. This has a few benefits. Chiefly, your bridesmaids are much more likely to be confident in what they’re wearing – they get to choose the fit and style themselves and, thankfully, their set fabric means that even if the styles are different there will be uniformity in the gowns’ colour and texture. This can be really fashionable and incredibly pretty.

A top tip for if you choose to do this is to discuss the ideal length of the dresses with all of the bridesmaids. Having one bridesmaid in a full length ball gown and another in a mini skirt can be really jarring and uncoordinated. If they all stick to one pre-set length, you’ll find an interesting variety of styles that complement each other and each individual.

Black and white, or striking monochrome dresses are really fashionable in America at the moment. A lot of people think that black can only be for funerals, but if you’re looking for something alternative and eye-catching, this may be a good idea for you!

Otherwise, you could try having the same dress in several different colours. Perhaps, in order to make the maid of honour stand out more, her dress could be in a slightly different texture too. Really, it’s completely up to you. This option is good for if your bridesmaids all have completely different colourings and complexions, but you might want to be careful if they all have different body shapes.

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