Lake District Barn Weddings – Bohemian

Have you always wanted an relaxed, unconventional, eclectic wedding? Look no further, this article is full of inspiration and tips on holding a beautiful bohemian-style ceremony here at New House Farm. We've focused on incorporating elements of nature, bright colours and imaginative decoration into a wonderful outdoor wedding! How would [...]

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Lake District Tea Party Wedding – Part Two

Continuing on from our last article, read below for inspiration and tips on decor, table settings, lighting, favors and cocktails for an English tea party inspired celebration here at New House Farm! Decor An English tea party theme is the perfect way to showcase some really unusual decorative features. An [...]

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Lake District Barn Weddings – Tea Party

Nothing is more charming and whimsical than an alfresco English tea party, so it's the perfect theme to incorporate into your Spring wedding. The great thing about this theme is its versatility; it can be kept traditional and low key, or made over the top and Alice-in-Wonderland-esqe, whichever suits you [...]

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Lake District Barn Weddings – Rustic Part Two

Read this great guide for tips, ideas and inspiration for creating your dream Lake District rustic wedding at New House Farm! Includes decor,favors, food ideas and more... Decor Our barn space is the perfect blank canvas for any themed wedding, but the gorgeous wooden beams and stone walls compliment a [...]

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Lake District Barn Weddings – Rustic

Read this guide for tips, ideas and inspiration for creating your dream Lake District rustic wedding at New House Farm! Includes dress, decor, favors, food ideas and moreā€¦ The Dress Your dress should reflect the casual nature of your rustic barn theme, so choose something that you will feel comfortable [...]

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Lake District Winter Wedding Flowers

No bride is complete without an bouquet of beautiful blooms...and winter weddings are no exception. Despite the cold climate, many beautiful varieties of flowers bloom just in time for Christmas, so there's still plenty of colour and style options to choose for your dream bouquet! We've included our favourite florals [...]

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