DIY Favours

f1d81c22ea3d6aca5ae0f44096d89032As we’ve said in a previous blog or two, doing certain aspects of your wedding yourself can be a really creative, rewarding process. It adds a great homemade, personal touch and can be really inexpensive – saving your budget for the bigger, more intimidating aspects of planning.

Favours are the object of our attention here, and are something that you can truly be creative with. It’s up to you what you gift to your guests, and it’s up to you how it’s presented, themed and executed. They can really tie into the décor and overall aesthetic of the day, too.

So here are just a few ideas for favours and what you can do with them. Firstly, if you’re completely stuck for inspiration, check out this Pinterest board. I promise you, you will see things you like and that can give you some direction.

For really traditional favours, think about little trinket boxes filled with sweet treats and delicious candies, sugared almonds or even homemade jams and cupcakes.

For less traditional favours, consider homemade sloe gins or, if you’re a big fan of food and cooking, consider giving your guests bouquets of herbs. They give off nice smells and can be used back at home! Perhaps have a small basket of a scone or cupcake with fresh strawberries, or recipe cards filled with tried and tested age-old family recipes collected from the bride and groom’s families. Maybe even make ribbon twirls, which are especially good for any young children to play with.

If you’re a passionate home baker, consider making cookies and then laying three or four on top of one another with frosting. It makes a relatively simple (but totally delicious) biscuit look like a fantastic individual ‘cake’, and gives loads of presence to the gift through sheer stature. Perhaps you’re an avid bee-keeper, or merely enjoy delicious honey; consider jarring locally-sourced honeys for your guests. It’s possible to make small holders for sparklers accompanied with matches as well, so your guests can have a little fun as the sun starts to set.

You can package your favours in boxes that come together on each table to form a cake shape, or you could even try your hand at making your own wicker baskets. Consider taking every day jars, boxes and baskets and spicing them up with paints, hand cut labels, stamps or extra handmade decorations like flowers and ribbon. You could nip down to your local haberdashery and choose some fabrics to wrap your favours in like little parcels, if you fancied.

For more inspiration, take a look at our weddings page, the accommodation or even our tariffs, if you’re really keen! We’ll have some more blogs about DIY weddings and some of our other ideas in the future, too.

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