DIY Rustic Weddings and Advice


If you’re giving your wedding a rustic theme, there are a few things you can do yourself which give a really nice, personal touch to the day. As well as saving money, these odd bits and pieces can really pull everything together and make for a warm, inviting celebration. Here, we give some advice on what you can and can’t do yourself; where you can show some creative flair and what’s best left to the professionals.

We’ll do this in two parts, so to start with, here’s just a few ideas for what you could do yourself. There’s other things, of course, and some you might just not be suited to personally, but having full creative freedom over certain aspects of a wedding can really bring everything to life, giving a relaxed but intimate feel to the overall event. So, here are just a few of our suggestions…

Things to DIY:

Invitations. Everyone loves a handmade, thoughtful invitation. Use card, ribbon, and illustrative stamps to make every invite bright and beautiful, while that handmade feel will make every card slightly unique and much more thoughtful. You can use Photoshop to make your cards look professional and streamlined, or hand cut every one for a more artistic, free-form finish. Either way, making your own is a great way to save money and add more personality.

Dance Lessons! Often, under the watchful lens of a wedding photographer, marrying couples will hire dance tutors and take lessons to brush up their waltz for the first dance. This is usually very expensive, however, and being in the midst of pre-wedding stress, the last thing you and your partner want to do is drag yourselves out to an awkward dance studio in the middle of a busy town knowing you’ve still got an entire wedding to plan when you get home. Instead, invite some friends over, watch some Youtube clips, break out some drinks and have a great time on an evening. It’s an opportunity to pick up tips and de-stress all in one.

Flowers and Centrepieces. While everyone knows a florist can do amazing things with flowers, and often for amazing prices, there’s something special and therapeutic about picking wildflowers and creating mini bouquets to place on every table. Maybe even buy a large bouquet from a store and cut it down and rearrange it into smaller, individual centrepieces. Perhaps hire a florist for surrounding interior décor, and focus the creative skills of you, your family and friends on creating something unique and, again, personal for each and every table. Often this isn’t feasible for large weddings with tens of tables, but if your wedding is a small, intimate affair, it’s a great way of saving money and making everything rustic and, well, special. It gives a more laid-back feel to the event.

Drinks. Keep it simple! There’s a great selection of delicious sparkling wines out there that are just as good as Champagne and a fraction of the cost. No one’s going to be upset that you didn’t buy the most premium alcohol. Instead, get some of your favourite beers and wines in, and consider making a signature cocktail for the event – it’s fun for you and really memorable for your guests. Perhaps have a few variations using a base alcohol of your choice, but try to keep to the same branch of concoctions and flavours so you’ve got yet another note to compliment the wedding’s theme and you don’t blow the bank buying in all sorts of different drinks.

Hope that helps a little! We’ll have a second blog about what’s probably best left to the professionals next week. Until then, feel free to poke around our accommodation pages for tariffs on our breaks and holidays, or see our wedding pictures and details on our wedding page and in the older blogs. For any further details or queries, give us a call on 07841159818 or e-mail Hazel.

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