DIY Rustic Weddings and Further Advice

bouquetweddingAs a special blog about rustic DIY weddings, we’ve decided to write about what you should and shouldn’t try to do yourself. It’s pretty loose, flexible advice, but some that might be useful. In our first part we listed the things we thought were a good idea to DIY, and here we’ve outlined some of the reasons why various bits are best left to the pros. Again, it’s pretty flexible based on your personal skills, but we hope it helps nonetheless!


Planning/Co-ordination. No matter how well you know your own mind, and are confident in what you want, a professional wedding planner can mean the difference between an event that’s sophisticated and refined, and one that feels cheap, disorganised and messy. Even if you only hire a co-ordinator for the day itself, they can mean the difference between seamless transitions and orderly segueways or that odd uncle getting lost and Aunt Ethel going hungry. Remember that a planner’s job is to keep you and your fiancé happy, so try not to worry about them getting the concept wrong or doing something completely out of your comfort zone. They’ll do their very best to bring your concept to life, and they’ll happily leave you to do whatever you like – you just might need them to help keep the ball rolling and tie up any loose ends, which everyone does at one point or another. It’ll mean a stress-free day for you on the actual event.

Photography. You probably know someone who’s a great photographer in their own right, and has a proven eye for pictures and a great camera to boot, but there’s a few important perks to hiring a wedding photographer. Firstly, they won’t know anyone at the event, so they won’t be socialising and there’s next-to-no chance they’ll miss any of the crucial moments. They’ll try their best to keep out of the way, but always have an eye out for anything special. They also specialise in wedding photography in particular –  if your friend is practised in wildlife photography or macro shots, they’re probably not going to feel totally comfortable shooting a wedding, and they might not have any experience of wedding photography either. A specialist will know which times of day offer the best lighting for different shots; they’ll know when they’re more likely to get great pictures of you laughing with your bridesmaids, or dancing with your partner, or being congratulated by your father-in-law. They’ll also think to get various unique shots that an amateur wouldn’t. You’ll want to spend a little money to get something you can cherish for a lifetime.

The food. Unlike drinks, people love to rave about great food and complain about bad food. Take the time to peruse the various menus and package deals of different caterers and taste their food. No matter how well you or your friend can cook, a caterer is always the safest option. It’s far less stressful than organising it yourself and they’ll have the experience to combine the individual tastes of you and your partner. They’ll create dishes that suit the occasion and know when to serve them and how to present them. They’ll be able to consider dietary needs and will be prepared to cook for large numbers of people with their own equipment. It might seem like a nice way to save money and make the event feel homemade, but it’s a big risk to take – there’s just way too much to do and way too much that can go wrong. Besides, if you want homely and traditional food, your caterer will be able to provide that for you!

Music. It’s easy to make a playlist of all your favourite songs and set up an audio system, but there’s nothing like having a real band or DJ at your event. They have presence, they bring a performance aspect to the event and they’ll probably play all the songs you want them to. It’s better to have your first dance to an amazing live band who are playing for you than to a recording. Take a look around for local bands or ask for recommendations from music-loving friends. If you’ve already got a favourite, then you’re off to a flying start!


Hope that helps and gives some idea of what you could do yourself, and what to be more mindful of. They’re pretty general tips, as ever, and are totally flexible, but these are the things that we find are often best done by professionals.

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