Easter Wedding Ideas

What could be better than watching the birds in the trees, the sun shining and flowers blossoming? Spring is coming and with it, Easter.

It’s a time of new life, rejuvenation and joy. The wildlife of the Lake District is raising its new young, and the plants and flowers have awoken with a flourish. Could there be a better setting for your wedding? Saying your vows as the sun gazes down and the lake gently babbles in the shadow of the mountains – could anything be more special?

Having an Easter theme offers some unique benefits to the organisation, presentation and general vibe of a wedding as well. For a start, it’s impossible not to feel happy in these surroundings, and your guests will relax with ease. It’s the perfect time to celebrate the beginning of marital life; amongst the beginnings of all other life. But it’s also a great opportunity to cater entertainment for the younger guests – perhaps garnishing their placemat with a hard-boiled egg to decorate with fancy, colourful – but not too messy! – things. You can also have an Easter egg table rather than a sweet trolley, and use love birds and daffodils as motifs and décor. It’s the perfect setting to run pale yellows against white, or go bold and bright with your dresses and hats. Perhaps have an Easter bonnet theme, or be quirky and clever with the presentation of the food! If you wanted to go all-out, consider having an opportunity for an Easter egg hunt in the gardens, around the ponds and the woods. It’s great fun for the younger guests and joyful to watch as an older guest, sipping wine and talking with family. Let’s face it, everyone’s going to want to join in.

The Easter theme is cheerful, loving and vibrant. It celebrates life and all that it encompasses – family, friends, and the big events. It’s the perfect time to come together and celebrate a new life as a married couple. The bright colours and smiles will blend seamlessly with the natural, blossoming surroundings.

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