English Tea Party Weddings


English tea party weddings are classic, rustic and very chic. They’re the perfect way to keep your day fun and casual, but at the same time smart, classy and special. They incorporate the traditional and the modern, combining ‘50s style glamour with fun and relaxation. Getting married in the middle of a tea party can be totally alternative, or it can be an authentic tribute to the traditional routine. It’s incredibly flexible.

If you’re thinking about themes, this is definitely one to consider. If you’ve decided on your theme already, hopefully this will still provide some inspiration.

Typically English and quaint, it’s a novel approach to weddings that consist of small collectives of close family and friends as they come together to celebrate and enjoy the gathering with simple food and drink. Hopefully with good weather, too.

You can rent some fantastic set pieces to complement the tea party vibe, like vintage caravans, chalkboards, tea sets and outdoor furniture. Floral patterns on seat cushions or tablecloths can accentuate the décor nicely and complement the colour theme. The food, too, lends itself to vibrancy and beauty, with bright red jams, thick whipped white cream and deep nutty breads and pastries. Whatever colour palette you choose for your wedding, the food and vintage decorations can weave in intricately. Tea party-style bridesmaid dresses are some of the most beautiful bridal gowns we’ve ever seen, too, and fully embrace rural surroundings.

To give a few loose ideas of where to start and what to look at, we’ve created an on-going tea party themed Pinterest board that might offer some inspiration.

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