Gift Ideas and Organising Your Wedding Gift List


Here’s some dos and don’ts for planning a wedding gift list and making it both guest-friendly and fun for you as a couple. Take each of these and adapt them to your guests, your style and your wedding, of course. Everyone is different and these are just a few general tips and ideas to help you through the process.


Don’t leave it too long before you arrange your list and rush to complete it. This will result in you forgetting about the things you really want and need and might catch your guests out. Some people depend on having their monthly out-goings in order and it’s important to remember this. Having just organised and paid for a wedding, you probably know how much an unexpected, short-notice expenditure can trouble you!

Don’t ask for vouchers and monetary equivalents exclusively. Putting vouchers on your list is by no means a bad thing, but more traditional guests may be a little put out if it’s all you allow for.


Do put a lot of items on your wedding list and make them as varied as possible, both in price and style. It’s better to have too many items on the list than too few and this gives your guests a lot of choice. Some people might want to get you something traditional that has life-long wear in it, while others might want to get you something unique and quirky; something fun that reminds you of your special day.

Make sure there’s a broad range of prices that can accommodate all of your guests’ preferences. Some people might not want or be able to go too expensive, while others may club together to get something really valuable that you can cherish. Think hard about what you really need and want and make sure there’s lots of options.

Bear in mind, as well, that certain retailers will work better for your guests than others. Some places will give you free delivery, others might offer discounts on items that haven’t been purchased from your list before your wedding day, and some will take orders over the phone or in a high street store. This makes things easier for guests without internet access or elderly people who might prefer to speak to someone direct.

Do consider a charity wedding list, especially if you’re the couple that has everything already! A lot of charities have their own wishlists, especially around Christmas time if that’s when your wedding happens to be. Domestic abuse shelters will sometimes have wishlists to provide the women and children in their care with at least one gift each, while animal shelters frequently have wishlists all year round with dog toys, leads, food and other essentials listed. You could always call your favourite charity and ask what they’re in need of to make your own list around that.

Finally, make sure you arrange your wedding gift list as a couple and give each other fair input. There may be things that one of you really wants that the other absolutely hates, and vice versa. Ideally, both partners will want everything on the list, but sometimes we all have to show a little compromise and employ some give and take!


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