Halloween Weddings in The Lake District!

halloween_weddingIf you’re planning a wedding with a difference this Halloween, we’ve got a few quirky pieces of inspiration for you and some wise words of advice.

Halloween is a great time of the year for weddings; it means you can do something fun and creative and have a wedding that’s really memorable. Your guests aren’t soon to forget it and a Halloween wedding is a wedding that’s incredibly easy to get creative for.

That said, it’s really easy to go overboard as well – and the last thing you want your wedding to be is tacky. When designing a Halloween themed wedding, your best bet is to go slightly more subtle and alternative than loud and plastic. Besides, there’s a ton of great ways to make a statement that consists of more than a big false spider or cobwebs.

Your colour theme isn’t restricted to black and bright orange. Instead, consider weaving subtle hints of white, twists of gold and blushes of amber in here and there – the overall feel will be much more stylish and elegant. You can work pumpkins in as centrepieces with gloomy candles and maybe even gold and white organza ribbons, which can give an Egyptian mummy look while still being pretty chic! Better yet, consider this and make figures from chicken wire – spray paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint and have your very own ghostly apparitions!

These are just some basic ideas but regardless of whether you’re having a fullblown, over-the-top celebration of all things Halloween or just adding some quirky scares to your more traditional affair, make sure to have fun above all else. Halloween is a great time for having both adults and children alike celebrate and that’s a great sentiment to have on your special day.

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