Lake District Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer offers gorgeous sunshine, pleasant temperatures and dazzling blooms, so it’s no wonder that it’s the most popular time to get married. Brides have a huge variety of flowers to choose from at this time of year, but it can be hard to select your dream bouquet with so many flowers in season!

We’ve listed our favourite summer wedding flowers below to help inspire you, as well as our top tips for keeping them looking fresh all day long.

Top tips:

  • Choose flowers that are in season – some of the most beautiful, brightly coloured flowers are readily available at this time of year, so summer brides can count themselves lucky. Not only are flowers in season cheaper than those that aren’t, it’s also the most environmentally friendly option. Flowers that aren’t in season must be grown in greenhouses then shipped, leaving quite a large carbon footprint.
  • Consider temperature – if it’s a hot day, keep in mind that your flowers will wilt in the heat. To avoid this, ensure your flowers arrive on the morning of the wedding and look at refrigeration to keep them in best condition before the ceremony. If they do start to wilt, a quick spritz of cool water should restore them.
    Some flowers are more prone to wilting than others. Exotic tropical varieties such as orchids can withstand heat well, whereas flowers such as roses require water to keep them looking their best.
  • Don’t be afraid of bold colours – make a statement bouquet that’s sure to stand out against your white wedding gown. Choose contrasting colours that will add drama when brought together and think about incorporating other elements such as feathers, fruits and foliage.


Summer wedding flowers daisyDaisies may not seem like the go-to wedding bouquet flower, but think again. Daisies are fresh and flirty, and come in all kinds of colors. They’re sure to add a perfect summer vibe to your big day and look excellent as part of a ‘just-picked’ wildflower bouquet.


Summer wedding flowers sun flower

A striking flower with vibrant yellow petals, sunflowers convey happiness and warmth making them perfect for a summer ceremony. Great on their own, sunflowers also pair well with smaller flowers and foliage to be the ones turning heads! Sunflowers are suited especially well to rustic-themed weddings.


Summer wedding roses

A bridal bouquet classic, roses are symbolic of love and beauty. They are incredibly versatile, available in many different varieties and colours…we particularly love pink cabbage roses. They are incredibly fragrant with notes of classic rose, citrus, sweet, and spice.

Peruvian Lillies

Peruvian lilly wedding

Available in hues of yellow, pink, orange, lavender, and white, often with contrasting streaks, Peruvian Lillie are often added to bridal bouquets to symbolise the strong bond and future growth of the relationship. These are thirsty flowers, so make sure you keep them topped up with water frequently to keep them looking their best.


Hydrangeas summer wedding flowers

Hydrangeas can be used to create a dramatic centerpiece or feminine bouquet in shades of white, cream, blushing pinks, raspberry, violet, lavender, or cobalt blue. As the blooms are large, they’re great for adding volume to your bridal bouquet. Note: hydrangeas need to stay hydrated, and the average lifespan out of water in temperate conditions is about three hours!

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