Lake District Summer Wedding Food

For many brides and grooms, planning their wedding menu can be a bit of a headache. Trying to choose something that will suit everyone’s tastes can be difficult, especially whilst sticking to a budget. Luckily, summer offers amazing in-season ingredients, so couples getting married at this time of year have plenty of options to choose from for a refreshing wedding menu filled with colour and flavour.

We’ve hosted weddings of all sizes and styles, so we’ve picked up a few summer catering tips over the years that we can share with you! See below for our top tips and wedding menu favourites that are budget friendly to help you choose the perfect summer menu for your Lake District wedding.

Top tips:

  • Don’t start planning until you know the number of guests attending and your budget – this will help you determine your menu. If you’re catering for a large number of guests, we recommend asking a professional for advice.
  • Opt for in-season ingredients – fruit and vegetables look and taste so much nicer when they’re in season. Ask your caterer for advice on what will be the freshest ingredients when you’re going to wed, and make your menu around these. Choosing in-season ingredients will also result in a cheaper menu.
  • Consider the temperature – hot weather makes you crave cool, light, refreshing meals, such as crunchy salads, light and summery spread/dips with flatbreads, fresh seafood and ice-cream desserts. Avoid anything overly heavy and rich, or foods that spoil easily in warm temperatures such as cheese.
  • Make sure your guests inform you of any food allergies well in advance – food allergies and other dietary restrictions are large and wide, and can include allergies to seafood, nuts, alliums (onions, garlic, etc.), gluten, and more, so allergic guests need to inform you early to help you plan an alternative option for them.


Canapes are a great addition to cocktail hour. They should be no bigger than a mouthful so they’re easy for guests to eat without spilling! There’s so many different summers flavours to experiment with, so you’re sure to find something that suits everyone. Opt for refreshing fruits/vegetables such as cucumber and avocado, and make sure you provide a vegetarian option. See below for our summer favourites.

Summer wedding food appetisers


Begin your sit-down meal with a colourful, light starter that won’t make guests too full to finish their main dish. Typically, starters at weddings are soups, salads or prawn/salmon cocktails…all are incredibly versatile and bound to please your guests. See below for our summer favourites.

Summer wedding food starter


Take inspiration from international cuisines for a colourful main course with interesting flavours. A fancy take on home favourites such as fish and chips will also work well and is sure to please everyone. Don’t forget to provide a vegetarian option!

Summer wedding main meal ideas


Indulge your guests with some sweet treats to finish the meal. Puddings such as tiramisu or chocolate mousse are nice and light so can be eaten after several courses. Also, anything fruity will be nice and refreshing. You could also choose to serve cheese, crackers and grapes.

Alternatively, why not serve sorbet or ice cream cones during dessert hour – your guests will really appreciate it on a hot day. You could also make some ice lollies out of your favourite flavoured liquor such as Limoncello to serve during cocktail hour!

Summer wedding dessert ideas

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