Lake District Wedding Cakes

For many brides and grooms, one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a wedding is deciding on the wedding cake, as it involves that all important taste test!

But once you have decided on the filling for your wedding cake then you need to decide how your wedding cake is going to look. Are you going to go with the more traditional all-white tiered wedding cake? An utter classic that oozes sophistication and tradition, you really can’t go wrong with a traditional wedding cake. And it doesn’t have to be just three tiers, you can have as many tiers as you like – ensuring that there is enough wedding cake to give everyone at your wedding a chance to taste it, plus making sure you have some left over!

Lake District Wedding Cake

Or something a bit more personal to you both?  Andrew and Catherine decided to make their wedding cake a bit more personal and had one made that reflected their love of the outdoors and the Lake District.  We just absolutely loved it, and it tasted great as well!

Lake District Wedding Cakes

However, you could combine the traditional with the modern, and show your true colours.  Like this great superhero wedding cake.  At first glance it looks traditional, but like all great superheroes, it’s hiding a secret identity!

Lake District Wedding Cakes

Looking for that perfect Lake District winter wedding venue? Come and have a look round New House Farm, and see what we have to offer for your special day.  Our beautiful lakeside location in Lorton Valley, makes for a stunning wedding venue.

For more information about us and what we can offer, or to arrange a booking please give Hazel a call on 07841 159818.  For more inspiration, tips, and advice on planning your dream wedding, make sure to follow our blog.

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