Lake District Wedding Welcome Bags – Top 6 Items to Include

With so much to do on the morning of your wedding, it’s likely you won’t get a chance to greet most of your guests before the ceremony. That’s why it’s nice to give a warm welcome as soon as they arrive in the form of a goody bag full of treats. This has become quite a trend lately and we think it’s a great idea!

The idea of a welcome bag is to make the recipient feel comfortable – some of your guests may have had an early start and/or a long journey to attend your big day, so it’s great to have some thoughtful everyday essentials along with some fun items that will get them excited for the big day ahead! Continue reading for our ideas on what to include.


A reusable canvas shopping bag is a great way to store your welcome gifts – not only are they useful and kind to the environment, you can also have them personalised to reflect your theme or to include the name of each guest. The same service if available for regular paper bags too. Alternatively, you could use a regular gift bag from a card shop or small hamper.

Lake District Wedding Welcome Bags


Contents Ideas

1. Refreshments 

A bottle of water is always good to include, especially during summer. A miniature alcoholic beverage is also a nice idea – choose one that reflects your theme or personality, such as Malibu for tropical affairs or a small bottle of your favourite wine.

2. Something local

The Lake District has a wealth of artisan businesses, so it’s a nice idea to give something that’s locally made. Try slateware, jewellery, candles etc. (Love The Lakes has lots of options). Food is also a winner – locally produced miniature pots of jam or relish, fudge, chocolates and cheese will all go down well.

3. Snacks

Chances are your guests’ tummies may be rumbling before it’s time to sit down for your wedding meal. Some well chosen snacks will help to keep hunger pangs at bay – think nuts, crackers, sweets, fun-sized chocolates bars etc.

 4. Wedding itinerary 

It’s a good idea to let guests know the order of play for your ceremony and reception, so include a small card with all the details so they know what’s happening at what time and where they need to be.

5. Practical items   

Tissues, lip balm, mints, plasters and painkillers will all come in handy during the course of the day. You could also include seasonal items such as sunscreen and insect repellent for summertime, and a miniature umbrella and hand warmers for winter. You could also tailor items to suit each gender, such as bobby pins and hair ties for the ladies and deodorant wipes and a comb for men.

6. Thank you note

Take time a few days before your wedding day to write a quick thank you note to pop in the bag.

Bonus item: Emergency Kits for Bride

needle thread

The morning of your wedding is most going likely to be a bit stressful, very exciting and mainly hassle-free. However, should a small disaster strike, such as the arrival of an unexpected spot, a broken strap or a blister, it’s best to be prepared to avoid a panic right before you’re due to walk down the aisle. Here’s our DIY rescue kit essentials:

  • Emergency sewing kit and safety pins
  • Concealer, powder or blotting sheets
  • Tweezers, nail file
  • Chapstick and mints for kissable lips
  • Painkillers, plasters, heartburn relief
  • Deodorant
  • Tissues

We hope this helps! If you’re looking for the perfect Lake District wedding venue, come and take a look at what we offer at New House Farm. Our beautiful lakeside location in Lorton Valley makes for the perfect fairy tale wedding!

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