Pre-wedding Beauty Tips for Men

Just like the bride, every man wants to look and feel attractive on his wedding day. However, for men that aren’t big on grooming, just knowing where to start and what to do can be daunting. So, we’ve created blog as a guide for getting your groom-to-be ready for the big day!


Most men have a daily skincare regime, although for a lot of guys we’ve met this simply consists of washing their face in the morning with soap and water! If this works at keeping skin clean and healthy then there’s no real reason to change.Face mask

However, there are so many products available to improve the appearance of male skin, your fiancé may find its worth updating his routine a few weeks before the wedding to achieve a glowing complexion.

Ideally, he should use a face wash, exfoliator and moisturiser everyday to clear blocked pores and rehydrate dry areas. A good eye cream is also a great investment for puffy, tired eyes and ensures your groom will look radiant, even after the night of the stag party!

Ultimately, a professional facial treatment at a salon is the most effective way to rejuvenate skin before the big day. A beautician will be able to advise the best one depending on what your fiancé wants to achieve.


Man getting his hair washedIn preparation for his big day, your fella should visit a salon instead of his usual walk-in barber. A professional hair stylist will be able to advise what will suit his facial features, hair texture and hair colour, as well as suggest products that will make hair look fuller and thicker. This is great for men who have a hang up about thinning hair.

We would recommend your man doesn’t opt for a totally new hairstyle just before the wedding, instead encourage them to pick something similar to what they usually have or choose a timeless style. Have him visit the salon a good few weeks before the wedding; this gives any accidents a chance to be grown out, and it can be tidied up again a few days before the big day.

Beards & Brows

A professional shave is the best way to get a baby soft result and leaves even sensitive skin shaving-bump free. It is also a very enjoyable experience, and a chance for your groom to be pampered whilst maintaining his masculinity! A traditional straight razor is used to remove hair, followed by the application of shaving balm and aftershave.

If your fiancé has unruly brows, avoid the temptation to attack them with tweezers before the wedding – first time plucking can be really painful, especially on course, dark hair and using tweezers can lead to unsightly, ingrown hairs.

Instead, we suggest threading as it’s quicker and a lot less painful. Brow bars that specialise in threading can be found in the beauty section of most department stores or you can follow tutorials online; it’s really easy all you need is a piece of thread!

To tackle a mono-brow, the most convenient method of removal is to use wax strips. If your confident enough using wax strips then you can do this for him at home about a week before the wedding. If not, visit a salon.


For a man, his wedding day is probably be Bride & Groom's handsthe only day in his life where there will be a lot of focus on his hands. Make sure he files his fingernails down and removes any grime with a nail brush. If you intend to have photos of the rings, you could suggest a coat of clear nail polish to add shine.

If you’re having a bohemian themed wedding and your groom intends to go barefoot, a pedicure is essential! You can assure him that he won’t walk out of the salon with pink polished tootsies, rather the nail technician will focus on making his toenails look clean and healthy, as well as removing tattered cuticles and hard skin from the heels.


Break-outs and Oil Control

Despite excellent skincare, your groom should still be prepared for the event of a break-out. To reduce redness and size instantly, invest in a good blemish treatment that contains glycerine and apply as soon as a spot appears. If the spot is still noticeable, you can apply a thin layer of concealer. Remember to blend so the finished result looks natural.

To avoid your groom having a shiny face in the photos, you can apply a dab of translucent powder to his T-zone. This will soak up any excess oil and gives a nice matte finish.

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