Reasons to Hire a Videographer for your Wedding

Hiring a videographer is great way to capture all of the magical moments and emotions of your wedding day in a format that you can enjoy in years to come. Some people may see a wedding video as an unnecessary expense, but if your budget will allow it we highly recommend documenting your special day.

Read below for our top reasons to book a videographer for your wedding.

You’ll see everything that you missed

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For the bride and groom, their wedding day is often so filled with nerves, excitement and last minute preparations that it’s over in a flash and memories can quickly become a bit of a blur.

However, a wedding film makes it possible for the bride and groom remember details that they may have forgotten, and to experience moments that they weren’t around to see at the time and from a different perspective. For example, the bride can watch her groom’s nervous face just before her big entrance, her relatives welling up during the vows and the guests’ reactions during the first dance.

Also, unlike photographs, video captures sound. Audio details can quickly fade from memory, so a wedding video will help remind you of special moments…many brides say that just hearing their wedding march music helps them to relive what it felt like to walk down the aisle. You can also give your video a soundtrack, which could include songs that are meaningful to you and your partner.

You can share it with friends and family

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Usually, there will be a few guests who are unable to attend your wedding, especially if they live far away or have heavy work commitments. So, what better way to help them feel part of your nuptials than to send them a beautifully-made film documenting the day?

Also, in years to come you’ll be able to show the video to your children and grandchildren – it’s a way to truly capture a moment in time and remember relatives that may no longer be around. You and your hubby can also watch it on special occasions such as anniversaries, as a lovely way to remember the story of your relationship.

Guest messages


Your wedding day will be incredibly busy for you and your partner, so you may not get to spend a lot of time with each of your guests. However, with a videographer you can provide a way for your guests to wish you both love and luck and to say thank you for inviting them, and you will have a record of all their wonderful words and blessings to look back on.

Hiring a videographer

Wedding videos have come a long way in the past few years. Advanced technology combined with amazing camera and editing techniques will make your wedding video a cinematic masterpiece that you’ll be proud to show to everyone. When hiring a videographer be sure to ask for past examples of their work to get a feel for what your video will be like.

We highly recommend NicholasVisuals. See below for their amazing video of Sarah and Richard’s wedding held at New House Farm!


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