Summer Wedding – Guest Comfort Ideas

A few thoughtful gestures can make a real difference to your wedding guests, and really make your special day stand out as exceptional. In the summer months, it’s especially important to help your guests beat the heat and stay happy throughout the day. We’ve came up with a few simple ideas to keep your guests cool and comfortable during your Lake District Summer Wedding, read below for our top tips!

1. Pre-ceremony drinks

Summer wedding drinks dispensers

Have a table of chilled juice or cocktails to greet your guests with on arrival – they’ll be really grateful for something refreshing on a hot day. Make sure you include a yummy non-alcoholic version to accommodate younger guests or those who wish to skip a round. Alternatively, setting up a serve-yourself drinks station is also really trendy.

2. Relief station

Wedding hospitality basket

Some guests may have traveled a long way to get to your wedding. A bus, car or train journey in not-so-comfy wedding clothes may leave them wanting to freshen up on arrival. To help them feel comfortable, provide a welcome bag filled with goodies such as a bottle of water, moist toilette, snacks such as nuts and headache remedies.

Also, a basket of goodies in toilets will go down a treat. For the ladies, you can include hand cream, blotting powder and perfume. For gents, aftershave, a comb and deodorant.

3. Fans

Summer wedding guest fans

Provide each guest with a pretty paper fan to keep themselves cool in the heat. Bonus: fans will also serve as props to hold during photographs!

4. Vases for bridesmaid’s bouquets

Summer wedding guest comfort

Carrying a bouquet around all day can be annoying. Place a vase filled with water next to each bridesmaid’s table setting, that way they can sit the flowers in it after the ceremony without worrying about them wilting. Also, the additional flowers will make the table look even better!

5. Thoughtful favors

summer wedding personalised hanky

A personalised handkerchief is a great wedding favor to give to your guests; it’s practical for wiping away happy tears, and will serve as a thoughtful keepsake. You could also slip personal thank you note in with it to let guests know your thinking of them and appreciate them being a part of your special day.

5. Slippers or flip-flops

summer wedding guest slippers

Hot summer weather + all day in high heels = sore tootsies for your bridesmaids! A basket of complimentary slippers or flip-flops in assorted sizes will be greatly appreciated and will ensure everyone can dance the night away without painful blisters.

 6. Blankets

summer wedding blanket

If part of your wedding reception is outside, your guests will really appreciate a fleecy blanket to wrap up in later in the evening!

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