Summer Weddings and Keeping Cool











Our summer weddings are some of our best. With our beautiful Lake District surroundings, mountains, lakes, rivers, ponds, woods and more, it always makes us smile when the sun is bright on the morning of a wedding.

The stunning sun can often be seen as a godsend in a country like England, especially for anyone wanting a summery English wedding in glorious sunshine, but sometimes we prepare for the worst more than the best. Sometimes, we forget that the sun can bring its own problems.

We’ve got you covered though. Our top tips for sunny summer weddings in the English Lake District will keep you chilled out, even in the resplendent sunshine. So you can relax and enjoy!

We suggest letting a small amuse bouche lead your guests to their tables with a selection of berries in a basket or small wooden box and a summery chic place card to top them off. Better still, create a self-service station with delicious, sophisticated refreshments! We’ve seen some glorious snow cones and crushed ice drinks served in paper cones with their own individual conical glass, and self-service cocktail flavourings to add, like mojito, peach daiquiri, cosmo and margarita.

In that same self-service vein, we think refreshment tables with cooling accessories are a great idea and will help save your guests from the sun’s rays. The last thing you want at a wedding is an overheating stew of guests, right? You can get some beautiful paper parasols at a pretty reasonable price nowadays, and paired up with a table of refreshing towels (made by dipping in ice water with some light scenting, then rolling), and a bowl of sunblock wipes, which are simple mess-free refreshment towelettes with sunblock in them, you can make the perfect sun-safe wedding area.

Finally, there’s a few stunning summery decoration pieces that might just make your day: try saying your wedding vows in front of a beautiful floral backdrop, for example. Simply tape long-stemmed varieties that aren’t prone to wilting, like peonies, carnations, orchids and lilies, to a wall and hide the tape behind the leaves and folds. A seashell bouquet is always a glorious thing to hold as you walk down the aisle, too, and they’re easier to make than you might think. Get some brightly coloured sea-shells in your chosen colour and stick them to one another in a circular, spiralling pattern. Top with a tiny shell of a different colour for the stamen. You could also consider making super simple handmade fans for your guests too!

We hope that gives you a little inspiration for your big summer wedding and helps you keep cool in the sun. To find out more about our summer weddings you can take a look at our weddings page or simply follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more of the latest.

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