Tea Party Wedding Furniture Hire


If you’re planning a romantic and fashionable tea party-styled wedding, you’re probably wondering about how to source quality vintage tea sets. There’s plenty of interesting independent tea party lovers who will hire out their hand-selected tea sets that have been sourced from both near and far, and there’s even a couple up North in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Carlisle, the Lake District and the surrounding areas.

It’s worth asking extra-friendly local shops and restaurants if they would be willing to let you rent their china, too. Country guesthouses and teashops are often independently owned and extraordinarily helpful around the Lake District, so it’s worth trying your luck and asking for a favour if you see something you love!

Likewise, it’s frequently the case that an uncle or grandmother has an incredible china tea set. As much as unity is hugely important in most wedding décor, it’s the mismatched style of vintage English tea parties that everyone loves. Ask your friends and neighbours if they have any particularly lovely tea sets they wouldn’t mind you borrowing and see if there isn’t some kind of harmony between them all.

Alternatively, professional companies and boutiques will hire out all kinds of traditional rustic props, from antique bikes to refurbished old caravans; hand-woven blankets to monochrome chalkboards. Though again, if you’re looking to save money or just really want to make sure your wedding is as personal as it can be, there’s no reason to stop you hunting down similar items yourself. Old rusty tractors are a fabulous addition to outdoor weddings and great fun for the kids to play on, but some folks even go so far as to get themselves antique taxidermy animals to mascot their weddings. It all adds to the personality of the event!

You can find a couple of rental places nearby, including Vintage Blend and Sure To Surprise You, or you could get something delivered from the delightful Butler & Taylor. There’s a huge range of online suppliers that rent out vintage crockery, but be warned that some of them will charge per delivery mile with added expenses on top. It’s always best to try local first.

With regard to props, our original old cow byre barn is the perfect period feature to display them in. The incredible views of the surrounding countryside also offer a spectacular backdrop to any romantic photos, and vintage props look absolutely pride of place against the rural mountains and beautiful lakes.

You could even go so far as to give each of your tea party tables an animal or tea flavour theme, so your guests can see where they’re seated by looking at which animal or type of tea they’re listed under! You could do this for certain breeds of animals, like types of ducks, or even Alice in Wonderland characters if you’re theming your tea party wedding like the Mat Hatter’s!

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