Traditional and Alternative Wedding Photography


There’s a wide range of options for photography at your wedding, from traditional wedding photography to picture booths and DIY camera hand-outs.

We always recommend traditional photography to people, as it’s usually the best way to archive your day, but there are also plenty of alternative, creative and fun choices too. If you have the money to go that extra mile, photo booths and disposable cameras can produce some exceptional results that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Wedding photographers produce incredible pictures that show your day in its very best light. They know how to get the perfect shots of you with your partner, your bridesmaids or parents, and they know which times of the day provide the best lighting for different angles and shots. They’re usually experienced enough to know how to stay out of the way and keep a respectful, unobtrusive distance while capturing exquisite, unmissable moments that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Photo booths have their benefits too, though, and are a great way to capture your guests’ wild sides and engage them. It can be great for kids, with props and eccentric styles making for great fun and entertainment. Your guests can write signs or pull poses that can make you laugh endlessly. No matter what your age, whether you’re five or a hundred-and-five, when you step into a booth your inner kid comes out to have some fun and take great pictures!

Locally, photo booths can be provided by Lake District-based BoothPix, who also service the rest of the UK. They provide props and spacious photo booths that they deliver to your wedding reception and set up. And they take great quality pictures. They design and build their own booths to this end, meaning that great fun doesn’t result in shabby shots. You can check out their website for more information and options, or shop around to your heart’s desire.

We can also recommend great traditional wedding photographers, such as Andrea Pickering, who shot the image above and who is similarly in the Lake District area and great to work with. You can take a look at her photography, her style and ethos by going to her Facebook page, where she caters to a wide range of personalities and themes. There’s lots of choice out there, so make sure you take a good look around and be sure to take a look at the blogs of photographers as well as their images, so you can get a feel for how they like to shoot and if they’re experienced in exactly the kind of thing you have in mind.

As we say, both options have their benefits, but if you can get both traditional photography and alternate, fun self-service photography, you’re in for a lot of laughs and some excellent pictures of your wedding day!

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