Traditional Wedding Hats and Hat Etiquette – Part Two

weddinghatThe time of day at which your guests will be attending should directly affect the style of hat that they’re wearing. Typically, as the day progresses the hats should get smaller. In traditional social situations, it’s considered inappropriate, or even vulgar, to wear large hats in the morning or evening as wide brims aren’t needed when the sun isn’t out.

Wedding hats on women are typically considered an accessory and as such aren’t expected to be removed when they go indoors. In the case of men, however, it’s expected that they remove their hats when they enter a building, especially a religious one, which means no top hats indoors, even for photographs.

If you’re wanting to go with these traditional rules, it’s important your groom and groomsmen know the strict etiquette they must adhere to as well. As well as removing their top hats when they enter a building, they should also always remove their top hats when in the presence of a lady, especially if it’s their new mother-in-law. It’s an age-old rule that dates back generations and is intended to show respect.

A rule for gents and mothers in particular, it’s considered rude to show the lining of your hat to anyone. When removing, tipping or doffing your hat, always ensure that only the outside is visible. If you remove your hat for any reason, hold it with the lining facing towards your torso.

The mother of the bride dictates when other ladies may remove their hats and fascinators. Until she removes her hat, other ladies are expected to leave theirs on.

And finally, the golden rule of etiquette. Couples should not point out the faux pas’ of guests who may not have read these key rules!

Clearly these are etiquette rules that have died down a little as weddings have become more personal and unique. It’s completely up to you whether you let your guests get creative with adventurous headpieces and colourful attire or keep them to a strict dress code. Whatever fits your wedding and suits your style!

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