Valentine’s Day Weddings


If you’re opting for a really romantic Valentine’s Day wedding, we have a few suggestions for a traditional Valentine’s Day theme. We’ve seen some of these done by couples married at New House Farm in the past, and we really loved what they came up with, so we hope they don’t mind if we pass some of these ideas along as inspiration for other couples.

On Valentine’s Day, really traditional old-fashioned dress seems to be extra special and feels really romantic. A white dress with red accents can also be a really nice, silky tie-in with the day and wearing red roses in your hair is a really elegant addition. Your bridesmaids can wear red, pink or even have simple red shawls draped around their arms for a more subtle, gentle theme, with flowing red roses in their arms.

As for the setting, consider setting lots of candles around the venue and, if it’s warm enough, you could even think about having it outside in a secluded garden like ours, or in a flower-laden barn. Dress the venue as if you’re having a romantic dinner, with gauzy fabrics, ambient lighting, flowers, candles and loads of atmosphere. Make the event feel quiet and intimate, and definitely consider having an evening ceremony.

Some of your music could be performed by a live string quartet, which definitely adds more atmosphere than a CD, and flowers are the very definition of romance, so go all out with them. Roses are the tradition but are expensive to get hold of in February, so consider any red, pink and white alternatives.

It’s also a great idea to theme your food in a similar fashion. Consider adding lots of aphrodisiacs to your menu, and definitely include lots of chocolate. You could even have chocolate boxes as favours and write a message inside – something along the lines of, “thanks for being our Valentine, lots of love from Will and Sarah.”

Hope this helps give you some inspiration for your Valentine’s Day wedding! Feel free to book a romantic break with us too, just take a look at our accommodation and tariff pages, or have a look at our weddings if you fancy having your big day with us in the Lake District.

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