Warming Winter Wedding Drinks


Winter weddings are some of the most beautiful, but it takes a lot of forward thinking and creativity to really nail that perfect winter vibe. Here, we’re offering some of our favourite ideas for warming winter wedding drinks and canapés to go with them, from the simple to the extravagant, we hope there’s something here for every seasonal wedding.

While your guests are floating about enjoying the conversation, celebration and atmosphere, it’s all too easy for them to get cold in the harsh climate and join the wildlife in hibernation. Keep them full of life and festive cheer by serving some warm drinks and canapés like, for instance, white hot chocolate with rum and warm ginger bread men!

That said, there’s nothing wrong with some heart-warming and traditional additions like Irish coffee, mulled wine or simpler hot chocolates with whipped cream (especially tasty for the kids!). Hot toddies are excellent additions as well, and can be made delicate and delicious for this big day by blending spices and different alcohols – maybe a gin hot toddy with star anise, honey, cloves and cardamom, all finished off with a slice of orange!

Winter Pimms and hot winter punch can be an equally delicious addition to the party. But why stop there? Keep your guests happy, full and content with some hot canapés too. Hot roast beef in Yorkshire puddings with a lovely hot horseradish sauce can be the best lite bite to have when you’re out in the cold. Or perhaps opt for a traditional warm pudding, like crumbles or pies. And never forget, hot broths can be an amazing treat by a bonfire too.

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