Wedding Dates To Avoid

weddingYou wouldn’t be the first if you thought that picking a date for your wedding was simple. Many have made the mistake of assuming that just about any date will do, so long as the weather is reasonable and the season suits the theme. However, there are a few small things you would be wise to bear in mind. For instance…

Bank Holidays: Not only are bank holidays a potential disaster for suppliers and managing delivery dates around, but your guests might actually already have plans. Sure, few plans are more important than attending your wedding, but you don’t want them to have lingering thoughts of other things on your big day. Ideally, your guests will be wholly invested in your moment and thinking of nothing but you guys – and definitely not that spa day they booked forever ago. You might also want to be mindful of the extra traffic on the roads.

Sporting Fixtures: Obviously your wedding will be more important to your guests than sitting at home watching sports, but there’s every chance that your guests will be angling to catch up the score in between photographs and canapés. You definitely don’t want them – or you yourselves! – to be huddled around a tinny radio or smartphone on your wedding day.

Unlucky Dates: Things like Friday 13th and even April 1st are obvious; you really don’t want your dad, auntie or best man to start doing one of their ‘hilarious’ practical jokes right now. However, you also need to consider the impact of dates like 9/11 and 7/7, that are not only deeply saddening, but are also still very recent and times when lots of people do still mourn.

Daylight Savings: It might not affect you that much, but ideally you shouldn’t be losing an extra hour’s sleep on top of everything else. You might struggle to sleep because of the nerves anyway, and you definitely don’t want to be over-tired or exhausted on the morning of your big day. On top of all that, guests can sometimes have a bad habit of being late and those late-risers are probably going to struggle that bit more will less sleep as well.

Christmas and New Year: These dates may be hugely important to you for many reasons, but your guests will have a lot of other commitments and time restraints during the festive period.  A lot of people have serious financial worries around this time too, and it can be a lot to ask of someone to negotiate Christmas with their family and also have to buy wedding attire, presents and arrange transport or a place for their children to go, for example.

Music Festivals and Other Big Events: If you send out your invitations shortly before the actual wedding you run the risk of losing those guests who have already spent a great deal of money on tickets and gear for other big events. If you live in a major city or area that is hosting a big event, or if your wedding is on the other side of one, you also need to be aware of congestion and plan accordingly. Ultimately, they’re best avoided.

So remember to check your dates against each of these major factors. Some of them may not affect you or your guests but it’s best not to risk it. You need as many things as possible to go swimmingly on your wedding day, and carefully considering your dates and bookings can be crucial.

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