Wedding Videos and Filming in the Lake District

13561-digital-video-camera-filming-weddingIf you’re wondering what to do about filming your wedding, this post should hopefully provide a little bit of insight and advice.

We’ve had a lot of weddings in our barn, and a great number of them have been filmed. There are pros and cons to all the different options out there, but we tend to advise most people to hire a professional if they’re planning to have their wedding filmed.

Typically, professional wedding videos are of a much higher quality than getting your friend to film your big day for you. A professional will have professional equipment – meaning a camera that can handle low-lighting and make manual focusing a synch. They’ll know how to get the best shots, and which parts of your day are must-have scenes. They’ll compose the images and know which angles are most flattering in specific moments. Perhaps most importantly, they’ll edit the final piece, meaning that what you get back is a romantic, nicely-paced, well-shot piece of film that’s of a good length.

Professionals are also willing to take instruction, so you can request a certain piece of music in the edit, or ask them to film a special message from your grandparents. Unfortunately, as editing is a lengthy process, you will have to trust the company to do your wedding justice and the final edit will be up to them. Some places will send out review copies of an edit before charging you for the completed video, but this tends to be an expensive extra.

Our biggest piece of advice is probably request a sample of the company’s prior work before you commission them to film your wedding. It’s important that your cameraman or woman is experienced in filming techniques and specifically filming for weddings. Most businesses should let you see an example of their work with no additional charges.

There’s a much more recent alternative to these two options, however. It’s hiring a professional camera from an editing company and filming your own wedding, or getting a friend to, and then sending it back to the company for them to edit the film. It’s a great idea for anyone having a very intimate wedding where a wedding photographer or cameraperson would stick out like a sore thumb. Obviously, it comes with a similar set of risks from both sides of the fence. There’s a chance you’ll miss important scenes or film them poorly, but on the flipside, you get an incredibly personal piece of footage. It’s also much easier for people to record special messages and well wishes for the bride and groom, and it’s nice to be able to hand the camera around so everyone can film something unique and personal for the marital couple to watch later. The use of a professional camera means that lighting isn’t as much of a problem and the final piece is assured to be of some good quality.

Having that final edit will also make for a seamless film, with any awkward moments or lapses in the cameraperson’s concentration discreetly removed and good pace instilled throughout the whole video.

There’s a few options, but it all depends primarily on what type of wedding you’re holding. If it’s a large, grandiose affair then it’s definitely worth hiring a professional. If your wedding is simple, with good lighting and very few guests, then it may be worth just asking a friend to film to the best that they can.

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