Weird Wedding Cakes

We’re breaking away from our weekly DIY themed blogs and instead investigating the obscure, because we couldn’t not share these weird, wonderful and occasionally whacky wedding cakes.

We’ll start off with something not too unusual but still pretty ‘out-there’ – a truly leviathan cake. How many people did they invite?


If you’re planning a wedding that’s culinarily cultured there’s few cakes that will bring you more good fortune than this one:


For those wanting to involve their pets in their wedding, this fish tank-cum-wedding cake is a novel alternative to ring-bearing canines:


This is probably quite a deer way of expressing your affinity for a hobby:


Instead of feeding your guests Burger King kids’ meals, why not opt for the king of all burgers as a wedding cake?


Alternatively, nothing compliments a sea-themed wedding better than a cake that looks remarkably like a bucket of crabs:


Or perhaps a dragon cake for a gothic Prince Charming to vanquish on this most traditional of days:


Back to Eastern cuisine and this Japanese sushi cake is perhaps a healthier alternative to the Chinese noodles, but something about it seems a bit fishy:


You could also bring in the tradition of thanksgiving of your big day, and give thanks with a turkey cake. The raw potatoes are optional.


Probably one of the most whacky cake options available is an edible replica of the bride, but it truly is an impressive reconstruction!


Last but very, very far from least, easily the most unique and dedicated alternate wedding cake ideas is one where you are a part of the cake itself. We can’t think of a single more inspired cake topper:


We hope these provided some inspiration or, at the very least, a bit of a diversion from the normal cake standard. We’ll get back on with our DIY wedding tips next week, but in the meantime feel free to explore our older blogs for advice, inspiration and some more traditional recommendations.

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